What My Clients Say


Jazz is best to work with!

Suzanne - Piscataway

They were very happy with the process and work that they decided to sell the house to me. Such a lovely family and best seller. She emailed me the video of interior, 2nd video for the basement. We spoke, I did a drive by from the outside, made the offer, they accepted on a contingency for them to buy their house in NC/SC.  They were so easy going and on top of everything.

I have bought properties out of state and also bought properties from people who are living out of state NJ. Glen happened to be one of them. I think we connected via the direct mail campaign. It was free and clear house and agreed to do owner financing with 6 year terms. One of the best deals I did and gave me a big boost to jump into this full time. Glen was very happy with the process, clear, quick and honest. Thanks Glen for the testimonial and reach out to me if you would like to sell your house or invest with Jazz.

He is good and fair!

Glen - Out of State Seller

The process of selling it, is fantastic! It was easy and helpful transaction.

Sharon - Loved the after Rehab

Sharon and family were so nice and lovely. She always wanting to come back to the house during and after the rehab and what a surprise to see her shocking face every time she walked in and absolutely didn’t recognize the house afterwards. It was amazing that after seeing the rehab she wanted to buy it back.

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